By Antony Oyugi

Deputy President William Ruto is steadily being tagged as rogue. Whether this is by coincidence or his own design is open for interpretation. What is clear however is that the Deputy President is exhibiting belligerence not only to his boss President Uhuru Kenyatta but also to a government where he serves as the second in command .

While being rebellious and belligerent isn’t in itself politically immoral, there’s cause for fear when it is not only the Deputy President but his allies and associates also exhibit this tendency. It’s clear that most of the Deputy President’s allies are rogue. Most of the leaders associated with him have court cases ranging from assault, forgery, incitement and theft of public funds. We may assume that these cases are isolated but they’re not. Is it a coincidence that nearly all riffraff leaders are allies of the Deputy President? No! There is some assurance of immunity that the Deputy President may have given these characters. Some feeling of impunity. They may have had some (mistaken) belief that with the Deputy President on their side, they were above the law

Talking of associates, the Deputy President is now being linked to a suspected supporter and sponsor of terrorism. The man from Turkey is not only wanted by his own government back home on terrorism related charges but is on the radar of international intelligence agencies. Forget about the investor narrative being peddled by the Deputy President. This guy is an international security threat. What’s his mission in Kenya? Why is the Deputy President associating with him?

The general picture being painted here is that the Deputy President is preparing for conflict and violence. He already has an internal machinery through leaders allied to him some in public and others privately. The Deputy President is most likely looking for international allies to sponsor and propel this violence

The most scary part is what would happen if he wins the war and becomes President. Will he allow ourselves to be ruled by hoodlums goons thieves and international terrorists? That’s the exemplification of a banana republic!



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